Thursday, January 27, 2011

Studenty Avis Ad

I feel like I've seen something like this at the Academy of Art.

WATCH ME: Maher, Palin, and Seth MacFarlane

Add some hilarious to your day.

Wheat Thins: Uber Real Commercials

Lego: Brick Thief

American Apparel: Edgy Sketch

American Apparel goes edgy with these attention grabbing ads. The guys over at their office must be having a god time approving sketches by Boris Lopez.

The Simpsons go to Paris

From Harper's Bazaar August 2007 – The Simpsons go to Paris with Linda Evangelista. Illustrations by Julius Preite. I love the Simpsons and I love fashion. Bravo!

Friday, October 9, 2009

I love the MyFonts newsletter.

I love typography so much. I think my boss here at JWT has really allowed me to express myself more than anyone has ever let me using this art form. I am blessed.

I subscribe to this newsletter from MyFonts. It's a really great newsletter that features fonts and their authors all the time. I commented and they placed it on this month's newsletter. Rad.

Check them out at -- a page worth bookmarking.